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Miss Betty is encouraging everyone to get into a Bible study group and watch God work on your heart. Prayer is so badly needed for the times in which we live.

We perceive self reliance as a means of relying on ones cognitive abilities.  The ability to make choices that are beneficial to the need of the individual is emphasized.  Since we are now endowed with special talents, our program provides a means in which our clients may develop the ability to make good choices, utilizing their God-given talents for meeting their needs.

Our main theme is people helping people.  Everyone will be involved in the process of helping others.  We provide service to donors who in turn provide financial support or labor to enhance our program.

Services Offered

  • Tutoring - An individualized turorial service program of academic assistance is provided for kindergarten through grade twelve.
  • Job Placement - Job placement and assistance is designed to help individuals obtain employment within their skill range.  Applicants without qualifications may receive training through our Job Readiness Program.
  • Clothing - Clothing is provided to the Center from various sources and then distributed to those in need
  • Food - Nonperishable food donations are distributed to individuals and families by the Center.  The donations are provided by churches and other organizations.  Food valued in excess of $50,000 has been distribued by this program.
  • Secretarial Services - Secretarial service is available for individuals, churches and other organizations.
  • Meeting place - The center also provides a meeting place for numerous clubs, organizations and church groups.
  • Transient Services -  Provided by the Center for transients.  THis usually consists of one night lodging and food.
  • Medical - Medication is arranged for those unable to pay for prescriptions drugs, those that are financially unable to consult a physician or those who are hospitalized due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • Counseling and Guidance - The Center director provides counseling to persons in stress.
  • In-Home Services - This service is directed primarily to the elderly to aid them in personal care, shopping, etc.
  • Income Tax Aid - Provides tax preparation assistance through the center to the elderly and to those who cannot afford other agencies.
  • Community service hours
  • Education - Educational program focuses on providing students in the community the opportunity to improve their academic skill.
  • Jobs - We focus on improving the lack of job stability of individuals within our community.  The high job turnover rate is directly attributed to job dissatisfaction.
  • Vocational Counseling - As a service to the community, we provide vocational counseling that will address employee complaints.  An example of such complaints are:  Lack of job rewards, job evaluations, perceptions of job overload , lack of respect for authoritative figures, scheduling, career development problems.