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Miss Betty is encouraging everyone to get into a Bible study group and watch God work on your heart. Prayer is so badly needed for the times in which we live.

  MCEC Thrift Store you will find a large variety of useful things for your home to clothes for the entire family.  For November you will find an unusually good selection of Work Scubs size XL to 1X sizes. 

 Shop MCEC Trift Store , help others and save money!  

Also be sure and check out our AMAZON online shopping on our
E-Store page.

Kitchen Items:

There are several sets of dishes waiting for a good home. Also if you find yourself in need of a kitchen  appliance, please come by here first before you head off to buy brand new. There are Dishes, Silverware, Glasses. coffee cups, Pots and pans and lots lots more


If you are looking for a swimsut for the summertime, a pair of jeans, a summer dress or maybe something to wear to work perhaps you need a belt or a tie, even if you need a pair of sandals you can find all this and more inside the thrift shop and the Center.


Are you or someone you know in need of a bed? What about a dresser? Do you need a couch or some chairs? Are you lacking mirrors to help you get dressed? Find a variety of furniture here.


Everyone likes to accessorize. That can be expensive though. Sometimes checking out thrift shops and resale shops helps. Now you can shop and help fund the community at the same time. Think about it, for the amount of money you can spend on a fountain drink, you can grab yourself a new necklace! come check out the selection please. 


Every lady loves a new bag. Perhaps you don't have a bag to match your summer attire. Maybe you would like to swap out the old for something different. There is a nice selection of purses up here.

Childrens Clothing:

We all understand how fast the kiddos grow. Instead of paying $3 to $10 per item to get your child a new outfit, you can get a whole outfit for the price of one article of clothing used as opposed to brand new. You are the only one who knows if your childs clothes are brand new or not. So save a few dollars or get a few more outfits for the buck. As a parent we all can relate to dressing for less (we can appreciate it too!)


It's summertime and the young ones are out of school. Reading is fun, free and a great learning experience. It is very important to encourage the imagination of our little ones. Their imagination is what leads to great success and new ideas for our old businesses. It all starts with a book. You can bring your child by the Center to simply read them a book in our child section, which is set up for children to play while you shop or for you both to pull up a seat and enjoy a story. Or you can take the book home with you and enjoy it at the park. Mrs. Betty has been gracious enough to understand the need to feed our childrens brains. She has decided for the summertime not to charge for childrens books. So please at least come browse and see what your child takes and interrest in.


Do you need a new keyboard or mouse? We have alot of those if you need a spare or a replacement. There are a few other computer parts that are here for you to come browse.