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Multi-Cultural Educational Center

1402 West Oak

Palestine, Tx 


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Food Pantry
Great Harvest 2018

Miss Betty is encouraging everyone to get into a Bible study group and watch God work on your heart. Prayer is so badly needed for the times in which we live.

Special thanks to the people who donate funds and time to help our Community!

United Way

PG Technology

Kroger Super Market

Master Gardeners Club

Sanderson Farms

Wal-mart Transportation

Fortson Oil

Wal-Mart Super Center Palestine, TX

Trinity Valley Community Church

Palestine Junior Service League

Brookshires Market

Victory Home Health Care

Ben E Keith

Wal-Mart Warehouse #36

Wal-Mart Warehouse #5

Farmer Buereau 

Paul and Frankie Wilford

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Freeman

George Stamply's Ranch/Event Resort

Latonya Carter

Kights of Columbia